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Registration: $85.00 

Please register for this league if your child's birth date meets these guidelines:

Player Birth Date
08/01/2017 - 07/31/2018

Teams are formed after registration is closed. Late registration requests are only granted if a team space is available. That will be determined by the director.  

Refunds requested after registration has closed are subject to a $10.00 charge due to fees already incurred.

Players are assigned to teams in the following manner:

  • Satisfy family relationships.
  • Satisfy player preference.
  • Assign any remaining players wherever the player fits, based on grade and team size.

Ideally all preferences could be satisfied. Unfortunately, this is generally impossible due to constraints such as:

  • Balancing the age mix on each team.
  • Balancing the total number of players on each team.

Please do not assume teams and friends stay together - early registration can significantly contribute to having preferences satisfied.  In any case, please encourage players to form additional friendships this fall.



As an all volunteer organization, OAA always  needs volunteers, especially coaches. If we do not have enough volunteers to assist it may mean we will need to reduce the number of teams. 

We have 3 volunteer options for your child's team:

Head coach:  In charge of team practice and instructing the players during games. Editing your individual team page

Assistant coach:   Assisting with all coach duties. Editing your individual team page. 

Team manager:    Handles most communication for the team by sending emails or posting updates with any information.  Editing your individual team pages.

Please sign up to coach when you register your child and we will contact you


  • OAA U6 soccer league is a fall season recreation sport.
  • Game play is 4 v 4, with no goalie.
  • One practice per week  on Thursday evenings.
  • Games are  played Saturday mornings on Oakdale fields
  • Teams are formed shortly after registration closes. An email will be sent out to all players at that time and rosters will be public for viewing.
  • Each team will an individual page for players to reference.



Questions, Comments or suggestions regarding this league, please email the U6 Director.

If you are not receiving emails,

1. Please check your junk folder

2. Update your email address to the current one preferred


Players are responsible for their own shin guards and cleats. Please note that baseball cleats are not allowed as they have a toe cleat.  

OAA provides:

  • Team jersey 
  • Shorts
  • Socks
  • Soccer Balls size 3

Catherine Meyer

U6 Soccer Director

Phone: 6519551778