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The league provides:

  • baseball cap and shirt for each player,

  • one baseball bat and catcher equipment for each team.

  • fielding mask - required to wear at pitcher position

Each player must provide:

  • Glove

  • Double earflap helmet for batting and base running,

  • Athletic footwear (metal cleats prohibited).

  • We recommend protective cups

Players may use own baseball bat if it meets the following safety requirements:

Small Barrel Bat (2¼ inches in diameter)

  • is imprinted with the USABat mark (see image), or

  • is imprinted with the USSSA mark,

  • is imprinted with the text BPF 1.15, or

  • is wooden

Big Barrel Bat (larger than 2¼ inches in diameter)

  • is imprinted with the USABat mark (see image), or

  • is imprinted with the USSSA mark,

  • is a qualified BBCOR bat; or

  • is wooden


Rookies baseball is a machine pitch baseball league for players in 1st or 2nd grade on April 1st.  The goal of the program is to provide an enjoyable, positive environment in which participants learn the fundamentals of baseball.  Success should be measured by the improvements in each player's skills and knowledge of baseball.

Typically, teams practice for one hour, once per week and play one game per week.  Each team will play some games on Monday and some games on Wednesday evening.  Games should start the second or third week of May and will end with Post Season Tournament Games tentatively scheduled for the weekend of July 23rd-25th.  Practices typically begin in late April after the city determines the fields are suitable. Practices may be on Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday nights. Practice time/locations will be set after coordinating with coaches.



To balance teams, we will have all parents register their child and give an honest grading of their child's baseball skills.

1 - 5 Rating (1 = Very little experience, 5 = Above average for age) in the following skills:

  • Hitting 

  • Throwing/Pitching - Accuracy & Speed

  • Catching - Grounders & Popups 



The League Director will be responsible for rostering teams.

Players are generally assigned to teams in the following manner:

  • Satisfy player family relationships.

  • Satisfy player/coach preference (up to 1 requests) in order by registration date and time.

  • Assign players based on parent evaluation & grade.

  • Assign any remaining players wherever the player fits.

Ideally all preferences could be satisfied. Unfortunately, this is difficult due to constraints such as balancing the total number of players on each team. Registering early can significantly contribute to having preferences satisfied. In any case, please encourage players to form additional friendships this summer.



Volunteers are essential to the program.  Please consider volunteering to be a coach or team manager.  If you intend to be a head coach, an assistant coach, or a team manager, please indicate this when you register your child.  Head Coaches can have up to 2 Assistant Coaches on their team, so please indicate this during Registration as well.



2023 registration will open on February 1st. The fee schedule is:

  • $100 - On or before February 22nd - Early Bird Discount!

  • $110 - February 22nd thru March 22nd

  • $120 - After March 22nd and only if a roster spot is available.

When registering, please specify the proper shirt and hat size.  The league makes an effort to order the requested size.

Rosters will be posted in early April.



Typically, refunds will only be given if your child has not participated in any games and there are sufficient players on the team.  Refunds are subject to a $10.00 processing fee and other costs already incurred.  For example, the cost of a uniform when it has already been ordered.  Refunds, as well as the amount of the refund, are left to the discretion of the league director on a case by case basis.

Catherine Meyer

Rookies Director

Phone: 651-955-1778