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Looking to volunteer coach?  Please contact the Director for the sport you would like to coach.

If he/she has an opening and chooses you to coach, you then will be given a link to register as a coach.

When registering you will be required to complete a concussion course (free) and complete a background check (free).  Once the Background Committee has confirmed that you have completed both and there are no issues, the director will then assign you to a team.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Director or the Background Committee.

Thank you for volunteering.

OAA Board

Referee or Official Registrations



Oakdale Athletic Association offers part-time work as a Referee or Official.  Please contact the sport Director for what sport you want to Referee.  You can find a list of contacts under the OAA Board tab.




If you were sent here by a OAA Director and need to Register, click the link below.

Things that you will need to print/fillout and return to the Director will be at the end of the registration form.

  • Referee Contract
  • W-9

Background Committee